Similar to calluses, a corn is a small, circular, thickened lesion of the skin of the foot that results from repeated pressure on the skin, such as the rubbing of a shoe. A corn is different from a callus in that it has a central core of hard material. Those afflicted with foot deformities such as hammertoes often suffer corns because the tops of the bent toes rub against the top of the shoe. When corns get hard enough to cause pain, a foot and ankle surgeon will recommend a treatment option. As with calluses, removing a corn without treating the cause can lead to the reemergence of the skin lesion. It is advisable to avoid trying to remove a corn at home as serious infection may occur.

“Although corns can be unsightly, treatment might only be required if there is discomfort. Each case is different. For most people, simply eliminating the source of friction or pressure makes corns disappear.”